eMZed provides architectural design and planning services for new houses, additions and renovations, multifamily, and commercial projects. We craft our designs to meet the vision of each client, whether modern, traditional, or eclectic.

Listening is the foundation of our process.

Without inserting a pre-conceived agenda, we help our clients identify and then prioritize goals and requirements. In order to evaluate how these fit together, and before investing too much time in one solution, we usually provide several preliminary design options for review so that clients can make informed decisions. Throughout the design process, we communicate and work closely with our clients so they remain fully involved and can help shape the project.

We also work collaboratively with contractors, cultivating relationships of mutual respect and cooperation, to achieve the highest potential of every project within its budget (see Contractor Testimonials). Our carefully detailed drawings allow contractors to provide more accurate pricing and reduce stress during construction.

The scope of services we provide is flexible, allowing clients to determine the level of design that meets their requirements. Our work ranges from providing the minimum design services needed for construction of a well-conceived structure, to providing full services, including selection of materials, finishes, and equipment. We recommend a short feasibility study if a client needs to evaluate code and initial design options when trying to decide whether to proceed with a project. We also provide master-planning services, where projects may have several phases of construction and need an overall plan to establish logical sequencing.

Regardless of project type and size, our mission is to provide clever and resourceful design to make the most of each project’s opportunities. Throughout the design process, we are honest with clients about anticipated project cost, and work to craft solutions that are respectful of their budget. By integrating sustainable measures such as increased energy efficiency, we can often balance short term costs with long term savings.