We believe sustainability lies in creating beautiful, thoughtful, and enduring design.

In every project, we consider options for energy and water conservation, enhanced indoor air quality, healthy materials, and renewable energy. And we recognize that proper detailing and installation of green building measures is as important as their selection.

Green building practices are constantly evolving. We stay current with advancements in the industry and guide our clients in making the best choices for their specific project and budget. We are also knowledgeable about green certification programs, and associated financial incentives.

The cost of sustainable measures can often be offset by efficiencies and incentives gained. A more expensive insulation system can be balanced by the reduced cost of a smaller heating system. Careful placement of windows can reduce dependence on electric lighting and provide natural ventilation. By thinking sustainably upfront, and pursuing resourceful solutions unique to each project, we can maximize benefits and minimize costs.

We use a team approach with client, contractor, and any consultants, to arrive at an integrated solution benefiting from the combined perspectives of everyone involved. A solution where all of the building’s components work together in a durable, comfortable, healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible way.