I have worked with a lot of architects and designers over the past 20 years. eMZed is simply the best. Their designs are smart, the level of detail is unmatched and they can communicate. I appreciate getting involved while the plans evolve. It helps to keep costs in check. No owner wants a set of plans they can’t afford to build. Seriously, it is a pleasure to work with Keyan and Alexia.
Tom Champion, general contractor specializing in older homes.

Since 2005, RMJ has collaborated with eMZed Architecture on a variety of projects including whole house remodels, dormers additions, and kitchen and bath renovations. Their ability to find creative design solutions to difficult problems is unsurpassed. We highly recommend eMZed to all our clients. Speaking personally, my wife and I were so impressed with their timeliness, professionalism, and design sensibilities that we hired them to design the remodel of our own home, and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results!
Rick June, President
RMJ Construction & Development, Inc.

Having worked with various architects and firms over the years, it’s very refreshing to experience the level of quality, attentiveness to detail, and communication that eMZed brings to their projects and clients. From a contractor’s point of view it means that many of the details often overlooked by some designers get given full attention, eliminating many of the headaches and speed bumps from the building process.

I fully appreciate their ability to both design and explain their design in enough detail that not only can I build what they’ve designed, but I understand their reasoning and ideas behind it as well, making for a much more thorough and holistic undertaking. Couple all of that with the quality and all-inclusiveness of their design approach, and their great ideas on use of space, and it’s easy to understand why they’re first on my list when referring clients.
Paul Johnson
Carpentry and Remodeling

Working with Keyan was truly a great experience. I was most impressed with his thought processes and the attention to details that went beyond the shapes and dimensions shown on the drawings. His level of experience and talent were very evident. As a seasoned contractor who cares about the fine details of the project, it was great to read the underlying subtle details, and be able to follow the train of thought that he had, making the drawings easy to execute. His dedication, level of detail, understanding of the construction process, and his concern about the project, exceeded any of our expectations and made our project a real success.
Eduard Valik, General Contractor
Rainier Pacific Development

The quality and service each and every client receives from eMZed supersedes any that I have experienced. From the conception of an idea to the finishing touches Keyan will have explored every option to make every project the best it can be for his clients. As a contractor his plans are a pleasure to build off and ideas inspiring
Levi Kropf, General Contractor

Keyan is a true pleasure to work with and is thorough, responsive and communicative. He brings a unique ability to work with the homeowner and contractor as a team, ultimately providing a better product and experience for everyone involved.
Gregor Mitchell, General Contractor

I felt an enormous load lifted from my shoulders while working with eMZed. We collaborated on framing/ building techniques, we problem solved floor plan issues and we discussed favorite building materials and methods used. I have worked with several architects, but none more approachable, innovative, creative and driven as Keyan Mizani. No need to interview anyone else. Done and done.
Patti Perkins
P.I. Perkins Woodworking

The value of a good architect cannot be overstated. In addition to a supply of inspiration and ideas, a good architect will anticipate major construction challenges, design with budget in mind and act as an ongoing problem solver to the end of the job. I have had the distinct pleasure of working on projects with both Alexia and Keyan and have seen first hand how they take these principles to heart. They are committed to generating a good design and seeing it through to its successful completion.

Often invisible to homeowners is the level of depth and detail architects go to in crafting a vision for their clients. With eMZed I am appreciative of just how complete and thoroughly detailed that vision is. When I get a set of their plans I know I’m going to be reading them for a while – but I also know the project is going to go more smoothly as a result.

Architects face the constant tension between form and function. I have been truly impressed how Alexia and Keyan strike the balance between making sure the design is practical and functional, yet creates a space that is a pleasure to be in. This balance doesn’t just happen, it comes from experience, patience and a passion to get things right.
Mark Swinth
Tapwood LLC